How would this look?

I envisage the backend configuration to look along the lines of these,


When paying someone their cut of the sale you could instantly FX and pay them in gold/GBP/USD etc or the payee could just run their own BackBit setup on the receiving address and configure a tailor-able BTC strategy of whatever they want. Usage of this nature would be a milestone in establishing BitCoin as the main unit of exchange. Gold text profit goes into the gold Strategy box, Green text payments go into the green box. The unique ID per item is used to generate QR codes in order to purchase.


For complete transparency where appropriate such as this case, configuration information could be publicly available online. This would allow charities to expose complete front to back workings of precisely every donation. It would allow lotteries do the same, ethical organisations, anyone wanting to prove what’s being done with your money. Gold text profit goes into the gold Strategy box, Green text payments go into the green box.


A single user setup, BackBit needs to be flexible enough to provide a useful payment handler and processor, an FX service and more, but not just for business, but for every day people.

With BackBit built to spec payment from the client end would be remarkably simple.

I’ll be the first to admit that these mock-ups are far from the pinnacle of digital editing, a little imagination if you please.


Unique QR codes generated from BackBit would need paying to begin playback, no other action required.
This simple model could be applied to all digital content, as per outlined in ‘Digital content delivery’


With BackBit installed as a payment handler the client would see similar to this when ordering goods.
It would be possible to always give the option to pay with BitCoin at the final checkout regardless of if the client requests it or not (tailor-able of course.